LuXi county village food co., LTD,Is located in the scenic spot in jiangxi province“Wugong mountain”At the foot,Founded in1998Years,Is one specialized is engaged in agricultural and sideline products deep processing and local traditional flavor of food production in jiangxi province agriculture Industrialization of agricultural enterprises。The company covers an area of10000Square meters,The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,Employees206People,Has the fixed asset1600More than ten thousand yuan、Senior technical staff16People,Offer the nanchang、Zhejiang、Shanghai university and a number of product research and development collaboration in food engineering college institutions and scientific and technological personnel。To learn more>>

The site of factory:Jiangxi province pingxiang LuXi Zhang Jia fang county township

Contacts:Zhu Fuwen(Chairman of the board of directors)

A mobile phone:13707991685

The phone:0799-7641172



Unique wugong mountain So precious

Pingxiang LuXi senior agronomist,Rice breeders Qian Huaipu after eight years of efforts to develop first。


From fine wugong mountain ecological environment“In days”

Air pure and fresh and free from contamination,Flat,Plant diseases and insect pests occur throughout the years;Clean and unpolluted soil,Soil deep,Good physical and chemical properties,A high content of organic matter;Irrigation water pure water without pollution,Water is enough。



Whether it is a true purple m,Or fake dyed m,After the water will rub off,At the beginning of this many predators in rice for the first time will have this doubt:“How can rub off?Amaranthine meters is false!”Actually true and false amaranthine meters will rub off,But at different levels,Method is not the same。Color purple m really concentrated in the cortex,The endosperm is still white,While dyeing m due to the penetration of color,Also attached the color mostly inside。Rice husk all scraped off,If it is white,Is the real amaranthine meters。Purple m rub off is a normal phenomenon,This is because the purple rice seed and aleurone layer contain anthocyanins,Because of the existence of anthocyanins,Amaranthine meters to purple。(Rub off after washing rice,Water becomes purple。Anthocyanins in acid to become red,Encounter alkali blue,According to this principle,We will immerse amaranthine meters after the rest of the water into three simple experiments。Step 1,Will be elutriation amaranthine meters,And keep good washing rice water is divided into three parts,At the same time to prepare a bottle of vinegar and baking soda。Step 2,In a wash rice water against the vinegar,Found that washing rice water soon became red。In a separate washing rice water into the baking soda,Found washing rice water gradually become blue,Edges。Step 3,Put together three wash rice water,Found the color is different,Soaked purple rice washing rice water with white vinegar(Acid)To become red,Baking soda(Alkali)Blue,The water contain anthocyanins。)“Purple m easy to rub off,When the elutriation,Do not scrub the,In order to avoid loss of nutrition。”M compared with water1:1~1:2,Cooked frowsty again after ten minutes taste better。

  • Organic product certification

  • The national industrial products production license

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  • The provincial leading enterprises

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The site of factory:Jiangxi province pingxiang LuXi Zhang Jia fang county township
The phone: 4008033282    0799-7641172   Fax:0799-7641172

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