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How to solve vehicle failure situation in a timely manner
The car driving on the way,Suddenly a component failure,Will affect the entire operation and safety of the car。At this time we need to calm。In a timely manner to find a way to resolve the crisis。 A:The brake failure 1、By the road conditions and vehicle speed grasp the direction,Release the block,Empty oil and immediately on the feet,High speed to low gear。This traction resistancehiChange a lot for the speed rapid decline。When in low gear should be combined with the hand brake,Hand brake can't pull too hard, too slow。Too tight will make the brake disc“Lock”,So...
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Chuzhou unobstructed road rescue co., LTD

  Chuzhou unobstructed road rescue co., LTD., is made of chuzhou road rescue aid qualification of formal business,Is in accordance with the high standard plan,A high starting point of the construction of the road wrecker、Aid the integration of modern enterprises。
  The company has the advanced model of road repair car、Breakdown van、The crane;And a group of professional training、Skilled、Rich experience、Conscientious、Serious and professional rescue service personnel,Can fully meet the rescue the market, as well as the various needs of the traffic participants。“The anxious customer urgent,Responsible for the customer”The guiding thought of our work。We will with the most standard reception、The most timely service、The most advanced equipment、The most reasonable fee for the overwhelming majority of customers with auto rescue 。
  We will uphold“Strives for the survival by the quality service and reputation,Reasonable price and the speed of development in a timely manner”The service tenet,Standardize the service procedure,Active throughout the day24Hours of service, or a variety of high-quality service activities such as door-to-door service,For the majority of users with the fastest、The most comprehensive、The most intimate service。The company rescue service no rest days all the year round、Round-the-clock service,On-call。

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