Hasegawa precision technology co., LTD(Headquarters in Taiwan)

          Hasegawa precision technology co., LTD(Headquarters in Taiwan)Was established1997Years,Specializing in the productionEMIConductive shrapnel,Founded early by the exquisite craftsmanship、Excellent quality in the industry enjoys a good reputation。
          2000In response to market demand and company development strategy,The company's board of directors decided to set up the guangdong shenzhen hasegawa metal distribution
        A(Shenzhen)Co., LTD。The company since its establishment,Always pursues“The good faith management,Steady development”Policy guidelines,All the staff in the company at the top of correct guidance,Through unremitting efforts,The products of the company gradually formedEMIBeryllium copper shrapnel、Stainless steel shell、Shield、Conductive foam and five series precision hardware fittings。

          2005In response to the vigorous development of the east China market and the needs of customers,Hasegawa electrons(Kunshan)Co., LTD. Was established in jiangsu province,The main products areEMIFinger beryllium copper shrapnel、Metal contact shrapnel、SMDShrapnel、Shield clamp&Wire clip、Precision metal stamping parts。
          2016Nine years Taiwan yu technology co., LTD was formally established,The main productionEMIBeryllium copper shrapnel、Stainless steel shell、Shield、Precision metal stamping parts and so on the production line。
          Facing the new century international competition and challenges,Hasegawa company has passedInternationalISO9001:2008 Quality management system、ISO14001:2004 And environmental management systemQC080000:2012Hazardous substances management system certification,Product design and apply for patents。
          It is today,Vigor and vitality、Hasegawa in inheriting and are relying on strong technical force、Scientific management、The entrepreneurial spirit of the eternal,Make perfect products,Offer the most quality and efficient services,Hand in hand with the customers,Create a better future![To check the details]

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